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How to make your own Hair Care Materials from kitchen

You do not need expensive products to its healthy and beautiful hair. Some materials are best for her that can be found in your own kitchen. Many upscale its products available in the boutique of her that is made with natural ingredients such as avocado, olive oil, berries, citrus, and green tea - all available at supermarkets in the food for a fraction of the price of its products. Make it your own homemade products are not only cheaper, but more healthy and nutritious products from the commercial made in the laboratory, which is usually mixed with chemicals and preservatives! Create your own Hair Care products will ensure that is made of 100% pure and natural materials.

Fruity her mask

Ensure your hair once a week or every two weeks with the use of its strawberry or avocado mask luxury. This keeps the hair shiny and renewed. Strawberries contain acids that ensures that its shiny and conditions. To her strawberry mask, mash eight strawberries and mix in a tablespoon of mayonnaise. The steam or washing hair, massage in the combined head to your hair tips. Cover your head with a shower cap and a towel in the warming up and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse your hair thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner. Avocado fruit glossy hair is another solution that you can use. Mash avocado with a teaspoon of baking powder and one tablespoon of olive oil. Massage the mixture on the head and hair, from roots to tips. Leave mask on 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner.

Dry hair repair

Cry hairs can be easily corrected by massages your head and hair from the root to the tips, with two drops of safflower oil, flax seed oil, coconut oil or olive oil. This will equip you really lose moisture and repair dry and damaged hair.

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Restore oily hair

A quick remedy for oily hair talcum powder. Applying talcum powder on your hair roots. Hair should be moist and towel dry before. Leaving the powder to sit on it for several minutes before washing off.

Homemade anti dandruff solution

To cure or reduce the dandruff flakes, pour vinegar on the head and massage your scalp gently, with care not to scratch with the nail. Instead, use the tips of your fingers to the chip. Let the scalp and dry hair for a few minutes and rinse your hair and scalp with the shampoo and conditioner. Do this once a day until the chip is gone.

Throughout the day hair

It may dull and frizzy at the time of day or under the order for Sunday hot hair revitalization and set your own use hairspray or lemon lime. Cut a lemon or lime and place in the bowl add two cups water. Bring to the boil a solution of half the water evaporates. Let cool and strain the solution into a spray bottle. Hairspray keep in the refrigerator and bring with you the whole day as a hair that is not harmful to her.

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Hair can be an interesting problem, and the destruction of a great day. We all have problems with them on one point or another, fortunately there are several ways we can prevent this interference common hair. Here are some tips for common hair problems.


Rose can be very annoying not to mention embarrassing. Roos is dead skin flakes that spreads and falls from the hair, so it was not visible or visible in the hair or clothing. Although the cause of dandruff is not known, but several studies have suggested that this is caused by a type of fungus. While dandruff is not contagious or dangerous, can be itchy and uncomfortable. Every rose flakes, you can use shampoos specially formulated for roses. Most shampoos contain zinc, salicylic acid, selenium sulfide or tar. When shampooing your hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo, massage your head with a warning for at least five minutes. Turn the flakes with your fingers, but make sure to never scratch your head with a nail. Rinse your hair thoroughly after washing. If there is no over-the-counter anti-dandruff shampoo that works for you, you will see a doctor or specialist in hair urbane scrubs so he can be a liquid or a lotion for the head.

Hair loss

If your facts are out-of-date, how will that affect your actions and decisions? Make certain you don't let important information slip by you.

Hair components can be points in the hair thicken or weaken. Damage can occur at the point of the hair in the middle, close to the scalp, or at the end of the air. When it breaks at the end, the split ends, split it and the journey to the top of the hair shaft. Hair loss is usually caused by improper use of chemical Hair Care and use of strong shampoos containing chemicals. Using a shampoo with a soft organic and biological materials, damage to the hair. Other major causes of injury also combing hair too frequently or detangling and brushing the hair system. Using a wide tooth comb and gently brush the hair will help to prevent damage. Tight buns, braids, hair extensions, and other such complicated Hair Style can also cause hair to break. Pulling it out or let your own hair to long hair and scalp hair loss or damage. In some cases, dry and brittle hair and hair loss can be a sign of poor nutrition or medical conditions such as hypothyroidism. Eat nutritious food packed with vitamins, minerals and proteins. If the hair is still in the fight even if you have good care and healthy eating, you must have a doctor to determine whether it is caused by a medical condition.

If it is a violation, even if you do not treat with chemicals or other styling products, a doctor.

Hair Loss

We have all lost some of our hair every day - and that's usually when we sleep or shower. It is common to lose about 100 strands of her long hair fall one day be replaced with new and healthy hair. However, some people experience abnormal hair loss hair Thins in a higher rate, which can not be replaced. This may be due to baldness or bald spots. Abnormal hair loss or alopecia may be temporary or permanent. Some are caused by malnutrition, or a medical condition is hereditary. You need your doctor if you experience alopecia and to determine if they can be treated.

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